Monday, November 28, 2011


My homologue (Youssouf), his wife, and their son.
Find Mario!
From left to right: Youssouf's brother, his wife, his son, his mom, Youssouf
Kader (Youssouf's son)

Malian BBQ
Youssouf's mom
Left overs. We had the head for breakfast the next morning.
The skins.
The women preparing lunch.

Snacks! Liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, etc, all the good stuff.
Preparing to kill the sheep (I took a picture of the actual cutting and blood being drained into the hole but figured not everyone wanted to see that).
Lunch! ... and dinner... and breakfast... and tomorrow's lunch.

Hanging out
Repelling off the arch, with all the trees it was hard to get a better picture.
The pictures ended up coming out backwards but this is the rock in the first climbing picture.

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