Monday, January 17, 2011

Probably not as funny to those who aren't volunteers, but we had a good laugh when we found it with our new awesome internet capabilities that loads videos super-fast.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


So, I've been saying that I would have more regular internet, and every time I say that, it doesn't happen. But now it's true!! My regional capital is San, which is 45km from my site (2.5 hours on my bike, 1 hour by public transport assuming everything goes well) and in which the Peace Corps has a house, just had internet installed! San is also my banking town (my town doesn't have banks), so I come in regularly to withdraw money. Today was market day at my site and tomorrow is San's market day, so when I jumped on the bus to go to San, I wasn't very surprised when there were more goats in the bus (tied up and placed under the seats) than there were humans (some of them hanging onto the back door). Normally the goats and sheep go on top, but on top of the car were quite a few crates of chickens and rice sacks. When goats are tied up, shoved under seats, and terrified of the humans stepping really close to their faces, they get scared and results in a very loud bus ride.