Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It let me upload today.

This is my house, very fancy for a Malian house. There's also my iron horse (my bike), my mini compost pile on the left which I used to restart my moringa trees, and my tippy- tap on the right (which I talked about in my last blog post). The blue jug is filled with water and has a string connecting it to the stick on the ground. When you step on the stick it causes the water to fall. Also in the purple cup on the right is soap which is on a rope so that it doesn't fall off during high winds and rains.
Public transportation! I rode this guy for 2 hours on my way to visit another volunteer during her market day. Those big baskets on the back are filled with mangos on the way out and the truck is packed with bags of rice and millet and other grains. There was a guy on the edge that had hid leg dangling off and he fell asleep for a good 10 minutes, needless to say, without a seatbelt. I have no idea how he didn't fall off. They also pack goats and sheep with us on top.
Sarah, my griot friend's daughter, who has heat rash and so was covered in baby powder.
This is my griot friend that has been teaching me how to play the "talking drum" that you can squeeze to change the pitch. I'm wearing my crazy pants.
Camel Spider!! On the prowl!! Not nearly as big as the ones you see from Iraq but still pretty big and creepy, and they move really fast too. This one isn't quite the size of my hand. We also valiantly battled one at my house (my homologue took his flip-flop off and beat it to death), then looked at me and said "A ma ni de, a be se ka mogo kin." (Translation: Very bad, it can bite people)

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  1. Great pictures, Marito. Thank you so much.
    Love the truck
    Bises. Maman