Monday, July 5, 2010


Already spent a few days at the Peace Corps training center. Spent 4th of July at the America club. Very hot and humid because it's the rainy season. Went with a group of volunteers on a 3 mile run this morning. Getting more vaccinations and our bikes today. We are living in mud huts, which stay really cool during the night and most of the day, but for the most part I only go back to the hut to grab something I forgot. Slowly picking up some Bambara and learning where to put the emphasis on syllables. We go to our homestay on the 8th, where we are living with a host family and essentially on our own except for language/cultural classes.
Just finished lunch, time to get more shots.


  1. Mud huts? Are you still in the city? Oh, and I started watching Dexter on netflix because it seemed like everyone and their mom thought it was the greatest thing lol pretty interesting so far. Is the language difficult to learn?

  2. Bonne chance avec le velo et toute la mechanique. Anyway you can follow the World Cup? Do you get any news from the Tour de France? Impatiente de faire connaissance avec ta nouvelle famille.
    Bises. Maman. Tout le monde pense a toi

  3. I like how you still run in the absurd hotness! :)